Unlocking Africa’s Youthful Potential

Our Story

We all live in an intelligent world. Today, digital skills are highly valued because technology is quickly transforming the skills required to complete jobs and access economic opportunities. An increasingly high tech world economy promises to transform many aspects of society but to really take advantage of the opportunities that are becoming available, young people must be given the chance to gain the key skills needed. Youth have to be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed for a digital future. Uganda’s youth unemployment rate is an issue of deep concern for a country with the world’s youngest population. The unemployment rate for young people aged 15-24 is 83%, the rate is even higher for those who have formal degrees and diplomas and live in the urban areas.

Elevate is a program that gives young people the opportunity to develop digital and entrepreneurial skills they need to create positive social change. It’s our mission to make sure young men and women are equipped with the skills and learning attitudes needed to thrive in a constantly and rapidly changing job market. Our goal is to help young people dream, believe and achieve by offering them the skills they need to increase their confidence and grow as leaders. We have noted tremendous results over the years. 90% of era92 Elevate program have successfully completed Web design & Graphic design while 97% of trainees have graduated from our programmes. 70% of our graduates have been placed into the workforce or gone on to start their own companies. Digital skills can help tackle youth unemployment. In a world being transformed by technology, all youth should have the opportunity to develop the creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills gained by learning specialized digital skills.

Our Mission

To empower and up-skill youth in underserved communities, in preparation for jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities, to become the next generation of digital talent in Uganda.

Our Vision

To see that every young person in Uganda has the skills and the opportunities they need to DREAM, BELIEVE AND ACHIEVE.

Our Values


We are all born with a creative capacity that can be stimulated. The world is changing at a fantastic speed and there’s need to passionately be seeking new possibilities, take chances and create the things we imagine. We believe in the power of creativity because it challenges us to exceed our own standards and become better problem solvers.


We endeavor to re-define the standard of excellence in everything we do by creating more effective processes. We are open to ideas that challenge the way things have always been done and drive innovation. We believe that in order to stay relevant in our craft we must constantly improve to meet the changing needs of our society.

People often define integrity as doing the right thing even when no one else is around. As a company, we believe intergrity is the ability to act with honesty and be consistent in whatever it is you are doing.
Collaboration is critical to progress in today’s ever changing society. We value working together towards common goals; each one contributing to the achievement of great things. Success is built of relationships. We work together to push things forward and tackle challenges by relying on trust, respect and commitment of one another.

We value giving every individual the ability, strength and confidence to grow and learn so that they have the confidence to take on new skills and responsibilities. When people are empowered they are given opportunities that allow them to expand their knowledge and abilities which is a critical key to growth. Empowerment drives entrepreneurship.

Giving Back

We are always looking out of ways we can create a positive impact on our community and give to those in need. Giving our time, talent and financial support to those in need is a rewarding experience for us. We believe doing service for others is the antidote for selfishness. Feelings of compassion, humanity and a sense of appreciation awakens when we to others.

The Team

Emmanuel Nsabaanye (Trinity)

Being the creative visionary of the Elevate program, Trinity leads the team from creation of ideas to their execution as well as providing guidance and motivation to the team during planning of student workshops. He is passionate about creating opportunities for disadvantaged youth who are disconnected from both education and work and are seeking new paths to education and career advancement.

Ivan Kateregga


Brian Mbazira


Norman Mulumba


Peter Mwanja


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