The Elevate Booth

Launching our moonshot

This is a game changer! This is nothing like we’ve ever done before.

Dear humanity,

Right now, one third of 420 million youths in Africa are stuck in unemployment.

Meanwhile on the same continent, the more privileged youth can even access online school while the majority can’t even access basic education.

We don’t think this is right.

If you’re like us, these facts can make you feel pretty uncomfortable. Why?

Because it’s an opportunity divide that shouldn’t exist. We’ve seen a way forward. This is where you and this campaign come in.

Join us.

We are changing the status quo

We exist to end youth unemployment in our lifetime.

We’re a social enterprise that began in two of the smallest countries in the world. And because people backed us, we’ve seen more than 700 young people go through the Elevate Academy. The journey is just beginning.

If this campaign works, era92 elevate could reach 5 more locations, and together, we could change the course of history and see 10,000 young people empowered in the course of 5 years. 

It’s a big, hairy goal. 

What’s the Elevate Booth?

The Elevate Booth is a prototype of the Elevate Academy that is created as a strategic approach to scale the Elevate Academy across Uganda & Africa.

This is a Digital Classroom in a Shipping Container.

It’s an instrument that will accelerate targets for reach and impact of the organisation’s two-year strategic plan and vision 2025 from today.

The key areas of the strategy and vision 2025 that the booth is addressing are reaching 10,000 youths and creating 5,000 jobs by the year 2025.


We know that the future is digital. It’s already happening right now.

Yet young people at the bottom of the pyramid like those living in slums and formerly war torn areas cannot even access a computer.

They are brilliant and talented but millions are cut off from this opportunity to catch up and participate in the digital economy.

That’s why we are taking The Elevate Booth to these underserved communities to allow these youths to build their lives as they build their digital skills using this space.


The Elevate Booths are our innovative stand-in solution to accommodate the increasing number of youths stuck in unemployment to give them skills for the future.

To equip them with on-demand digital & entrepreneurial skills that can allow them to work remotely for companies around the world. 

The Booths are a better solution to helping us achieve our mission because they are mobile and can take in more numbers than one learning center. 

These booths will be established in our target underserved communities in partnership with churches and schools to encourage students to pick up skills in whatever part of the country they are. 

The Booth runs under the same structure, with the same programs and number of cohorts (2 cohorts) under the Elevate Academy.

We are
Going Places.

We have identified key underserved areas that we want to
scale the elevate booth to more underserved communities.

This is our moonshot

More youth will have the skills and tools they need to compete for quality jobs in the technology and entrepreneurship industry.

To Achieve this ambitious moonshot we will need to raise $250,000 in the next 5 years for us to be able to impact 10,000 youth in our different location. But we are not going to start this big…..

We are starting with one location, GULU and we will need to raise $25,000  in the next two months for us to take this prototype to Gulu.

Why Gulu?

Well Gulu district is located in the northern region of Uganda.  For over two decades, the people of Gulu lost their livelihoods, families and property at the hands of relentless LRA rebels.The effects of war have left many young people homeless and unemployed.With the Elevate Booths, we believe we can release the brilliance of these young people so they don’t have to be defined by their situations.This is why we have chosen Gulu to expand our social mission.

Are you in?

Youth Unemployment won’t end until we (all of us) choose to end it. We believe that together we can build a new normal Take your first step in helping us take elevate booth in Nothern Uganda

Make your contribution today.

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