Unlocking Young People’s God given Talents

We started off the year in high spirits, recruiting for our first cohort, registering the biggest number of students we’ve ever received since we began in 2015. When we first heard of COVID19 IN China, we never thought it would turn into a pandemic, let alone affect how we operate. But as COVID-19 spread quickly around the world, countries everywhere announced sweeping restrictions and began to close borders to contain the virus. Soon in the month of March, without warning, the government announced a nation- wide lockdown that would change our perspectives and operations...

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Providing Pathways to Possibilities

We have just concluded yet another roller-coaster of a month here at Elevate. As we successfully managed to conclude the five (5) months training program of this second cohort of the Elevate program, this month is one for the books. The elevate program team takes delight in grooming the less fortunate by giving them opportunities to hone their skills in either one of the fields of Graphics Design, Web Development, Screen printing, Videography, and photography. We extend our gratitude to everyone that has supported Us towards this great cause.

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Brilliance is Equally Distributed, Opportunity is not!

What a thrilling year this has been! as we get close to the completion of Elevate 19. Empowerment really never gets old. This cohort is proving to us that Talent is evenly distributed but the opportunity is not, a lot of the young people we are working with are exceptionally very talented, the only thing that was keeping them under the rage of poverty is lack of opportunity. We have continued to create more seats at the table the best way we know-how – cultivating skills in design, art, technology, and entrepreneurship.

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Give Work Campaign

We always wanted to be sustainable and through this, we want to build this funnel of GIVE WORK. This is going to be our Campaign to bring in more work that will enable us to sustain our program. It is through our campaign that we are aiming to connect impoverished young people that have gone through our Elevate Program and acquired digital skills from Web development, maintenance to  Brand Development. We want to build a successful social business that lifts young people out of poverty, by offering them work other than giving them money.

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Stretching Forth

It’s been an exciting month for the second cohort for this years’ elevate program. Unlike the previous 3 years where the program didn’t have an official management team and trainers in the different areas of the program and we had to make use of freelancers which though not bad, those arrangements came with a barrage of various issues. The Elevate program has its roots deep in service to the underprivileged and underserved youths. Due to the scarcity of opportunity to cultivate skills such as graphics and web design which leaves many young people without hope.

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5 Weeks Down the Road

The Elevate program is our commitment to drive significant, lasting social impact by improving equal access to technology skills, entrepreneurial skills and investing in catalytic solutions. Technology is driving the world and there are many opportunities that youth can exploit in order to earn a living. Unfortunately, young adults, most especially in the slums of Uganda, don’t have the opportunity to access these skills and they end up in drugs, prostitution, early pregnancies and wasting their lives.

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