The Go-Getter

 “People still need to wed despite the pandemic and I’m happy to fill the gap.”

Elizabeth Lukwago, a 2019 graduate of the Elevate Program, has always been a poised photographer from the moment she touched base with us (The Elevate Program). She found her passion with cameras as a teenager, admiring photos in magazines and lifestyle newspapers but never acted on it because of her environment. The financial situation at home was unsteady. She wasn’t so sure she’d go far even if she wanted. 

So, she joined Elevate as a Film & Photography student and after her graduation, we retained her as the Program’s Coordinator at Elevate as a way to sustain her for the meantime but later went on her way to work for clients. 

Currently, she’s worked with four clients who have entrusted her to shoot their weddings. During the lockdown, Elizabeth shot traditional home weddings while many of her peers were going jobless.  

“Borrowing camera equipment for gigs is getting tiring so I’m saving up to purchase my own camera and equipment to ease my work and make more profit. I’m able to fend for myself and family as well because of these photography skills thanks to the Elevate Program. Wisest decision I’ve ever made, no doubt!”
Elizabeth Lukwago
Certificate, Film and Photography (Alumni)

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