The Rise of the TITANS.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. It is that tiny movement between both feet that creates enough confidence to take another, and another until the very final step.

This March 30 young adults were recruited and walked through the Elevate program doors. It was truly a hopeful thing to see these young stars from all walks of life coming through our doors to start on a new and exciting journey that may as well be a stepping stone for all that they dream to achieve.

The Elevate program takes it’s birthing from a burning need to share knowledge and develop digital skills, it is birthed from a deep sated desire to create a tangible and practical positive change in the lives of all its cohorts. The program goes beyond upskilling in fields of graphic design, website development, cinematography and printing, it mines deeper to shape its babies into confident, equipped titans ready to face the world and make it a better more productive place.

The Elevate program is a home that will always keep its doors open to all the youths out there that have lost hope of ever making a decent living due to circumstances surrounding their financial backgrounds, physical limitations and hopeless entanglements. We will always keep our policy of digital inclusion to welcome each and everyone with a passion to learn.

We know what it means to have a dream and we will dream right along with you. We have mastered the value of believing and we promise to believe with you every step of the way. And we know from the very depths of our being that there’s no stopping till all is Achieved.

Looking for an investment that will have life long returns? This is it!

Many times the only gap between dreams and their fulfillment is a useful skill. Could you consider supporting youth through one or more of our skilling programs? Together we can help many DREAM, BELIEVE and ACHIEVE.

Make an Investment

Invest in Youth 

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